Who am I?

Aham jambudvipam bharat varshe, bharat khande ...I was born on a land south of the meru parvat (the mountain), on which the celestial river Ganga pours from the heavens and spreads as life force to one and all. This land, a part of a roseapple shaped island, is called bharat varsha. Here, there is both pain and pleasure, but here alone one can win oneself to be free... I was born on this land as a random (?) causation of evolution.

Like many other from this land, I was troubled by the questions, "who am I", "why is there misery" and "why there is no absolute justice". Probably they all mean the same -- is there perfection behind this seeming imperfection? My literature search led me to theories which convinced me by their self-consistence and near consistence with the observed, but I could not spend time finding evidence for these -- with time these theories turned rather beautiful. But human misery was not - to it I found answer in su-karma, work with right intent and the practical vedant of Vivekanand.

Questions form the boon and bane of my life -- the why of things kept me occupied by science, one of the best things that happened to me, other than the love of Krishna. I am amazed by the great power of science, its great use to human kind and also by its great limitations. It would have been a big mistake if I took the decision of not choosing science for higher studies, had my dad not corrected me. Thankfully, I have slowly moved a little away from using science to find reasons to use it to find solutions. The prior is food for the intellect (intellectual gymastics!), the latter can bring food to the world (real work).

There is also a third strand. It is art -- how can an incomplete world be described in coherent text. It can only be through poems. When I feel, I write. I try to find meaning where there is none; but it is in some of those moments when you experience perfection or interpret it such.

Thus, I try to balance art-science-society to find the answers without and within; do I want to do good to the world or just find a meaning to my vain existence? After all, I am neither fire nor air nor earth nor water...

The three gurus are always there to answer, if not the intellectual, but drive me to real work: The Mahatma, to win the war within, Netaji, to win the war without and Vivekanand, for the courage to do both - Atmano mokshartham Jagat Hitaya Cha.

My science: Data Science for Kids, Meritocracy & Edu research, Math of Intuition, More boring stuff...
My art: That is just a prayatn... Tavita.
My society: Meritocracy, Self Efficacy, Human Dignity, Social Enterprises

The beautiful theories: Keval Advait, Vishisht Advait (the more beautiful one!), Achintya Bheda Abheda

Forthcoming: My Hindu Identity and others